If You Were Provided 10 Minutes to Meet With Him . . .

kalanickrobotIf you had the opportunity to sit across the table from Travis Kalanick for 10 minutes, what would you say to him? Would you kiss his hand and grovel at his feet thanking him for the opportunity to serve him? Would you punch him square in his face for fucking up your financial future? Or, would you sit down calmly and in a pleasant demeanor ask him, “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

I see myself as a professional and while recognizing my ability to go from “nice” to “not so nice” in the blink of an eye, I see the need for keeping things professional so as to maintain a meaningful productive dialog to bring about change that would benefit the drivers the contract to Uber Technologies. This in itself would be a serious challenge for most drivers that are suffering poverty level incomes presently being paid by Uber. What would you say to him if you had the chance:

  • Presently there are hundreds of thousands UberX drivers that are unable to make a minimum wage if working less than a 40 hour work week. Would you talk to him about the suffering these drivers are going through?
  • Presently this Country needs good quality income producing jobs that pay the bills and support the family. Would you ask him why Uber has chosen to provide hundreds of thousands of poverty level income jobs that further leave this Country in a much larger need for good jobs?
  • Drivers working with Uber used to be considered “cool” by the local community and were treated as “special” because they services provided were considered “better” than the services provided by other services. Presently Uber drivers are treated as though “beneath” most of society, almost as though a servant class all there own – by a too cheap, too demanding, and entitled customer base because Uber drivers can no longer support all the niceties the drivers once provided. Would you ask Travis why he cut rates so low as to cause this to happen?
  • It goes without saying that the nation believes that Travis Kalanick bribed or bought support from Politicians and local government. I believe it, your neighbor believes it, the local priest ad policeman believes it. Would you ask Travis Kalanick why he had to further reduce our belief in government to do the right thing?
  • Or, would you do as I would and ask Travis Kalanick what he has done since Uber commenced business years ago, that benefits anyone other than himself? Has he provided anything that benefits the community, the people involved, or this Country? Will his future growth of his “new economy” benefit anyone at all, except him?
  • And, then I would ask him if he knows the truth to his lies? The damage he has caused to those who followed him believing him to be an ethical and honest person? Does he owe anything to those he left behind after using them to get to the top?

I could go on and on but it is just too damn saddening to do so. Travis Kalanick had the ability to have made Uber a national hero, simply by providing good jobs and demonstrating himself and Uber as persons of integrity and ethics. Instead he demonstrates himself and Uber as “offenders, violators, and abusers” to the world with no integrity, no honesty, and no ethics.” I personally am offended by the way Travis Kalanick has climbed to the pinnacle of commerce that he presently holds, because he got there climbing up the backs of drivers that made Uber a great service, and forgets that he will likely see those same people on his way back down. 


2 thoughts on “If You Were Provided 10 Minutes to Meet With Him . . .

  1. Uber drivers are suing Uber right now in Federal Court for their tip money and automobile expenses. Uber drivers typically would receive thousands of dollars in remuneration. This is real! Uberowesdrivers.blogspot.com

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    • Yes, but that is not the same as sitting across the table and having the opportunity to say what you truly would like to say. I am very well informed on the Court cases, I want the other stuff. For me the thing that irks me most is Uber’s ongoing lies. No what irks me most is Uber had the power, the money, and the ability to be a cherished National Hero. All they had to do was create good jobs. Uber would have become a cherished company. They would not even need to advertise as it would have been un-American not to use them. Why did Kalanick turn the company to shit when it could have been so much more? I just do not understand when it could have been so much more.


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