Our T-Shirt Collection

We have had enough of being quiet. So, to get our message across we will be making up a bunch of T-Shirts that give some insight into what we are thinking about those in command of the Ride-Hail Industry. Here are the first two . . .



It is not our intent to have all of these shirts be offensive in nature because although we are frustrated by the TNC’s treating us poorly, for the most part we like the work and our jobs. Plus we cannot be negative all the time. Shirts are $20.00 each plus shipping, just click on the shirts.


4 thoughts on “Our T-Shirt Collection

  1. I’m sorry, but after I had to give up my car because I couldn’t pay for it on what Uber pays us, I thought I would convey my opinion to Mr Kalanick. The other shirt speaks absolute truth, there is not a truthful word that passes Ubers lips. Isn’t it about time we started saying something is some way? We are working with one of the most ethically challenged individuals in the Country and he is screwing every one of us each and every day. We need to put thousands of these T-shirts out on the streets just to get people talking about things, not continue without saying a word.

    I’ll admit, maybe I crossed the line a bit with the red shirt, but that is my rage. I was not going for taste, I was sending a message. If you do not believe he is laughing about it, you’re wrong. He is laughing his ass off all the way to the bank!


  2. Do you actually think these will do anything beyond garnering negative publicity? Most people wouldn’t recognize Travis Kalanick and wouldn’t care about him or his business practices. The other shirt is juvenile, and only affirms the wearer wanted to spend money to brand himself an idiot.

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    • Yes, I believe it will create negative publicity. But more than that, I believe that Uber people, drivers that have not yet met each other will see it and it will get them talking together. I know if I observed one of these shirts in my neighborhood, I would approach the wearer and strike up a conversation. The biggest problem we drivers face in our attempts to unify is none of us know who our fellow drivers are. I am confident that it will help getting us to meet and discuss issues. Yes, I could have just printed up a bunch of Uber ball-caps in hopes of the same result, but where is the fun in that. If you wouldn’t proudly wear an insult towards Kalanick, you have yet to discover how badly he has screwed not only you, but even this Country in his attempts to take over the transportation industry. Were we living this 20 or 25 years ago, the nation would be up in arms over his bullshit. Today’s working stiff doesn’t believe in standing up for their rights, doesn’t have the heart necessary to bring about change when they know wrongs are committed, and don’t know how to stand together for a cause because they fall for the lies that tell them they cannot win. I would brand myself an idiot daily to cause the damage Kalanick is bringing to this Country to end, would you? No, I think not. I believe you would demonstrate yourself the idiot by continuing to allow it to go on right before your eyes and do nothing but sit on your thumbs rotating while others at least make an effort. This Country needs decent jobs that support families, not Kalanicks new economy that promise nothing more than the unemployment line. Oh, I forgot we are Independent contractors. We don’t get unemployment. As the days continue to pass, all of us will sooner or later be branded an idiot for our involvement with Uber and Kalanick. I choose to be the idiot that at least made an attempt to speak against the wrong instead of for it. You don’t have to buy a t-shirt. Frankly I think few will even sell. But, if even one driver wears one when not working and goes to stand in line at the supermarket and 5 people see one of the shirts and they talk about it to even one other person, then I have done more than you have done in this simple effort, than you will likely do for yourself while you stand on the side lines doing nothing. You may believe few know who Kalanick is, but he believes he is known world-wide for the wonderful person he isn’t. Stick to your guns and watch the harm Kalanick brings to our communities. Is he nothing more than a thief and a con-man, I do not know. Presently, he is not doing a damn thing to help this Country but make himself rich of the backs of the worker that is not even earning minimum wage.


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