Do You Know Why Uber Needs Regulation?

Do you know why Uber and Ride-Hail needs regulation? Think back through the past 5 or 6 years. Travis Kalanick has violated damn near every law, manipulated more Government Officials than any criminal organization, and has lied repeatedly to anyone and everyone he has come into contact with. There’s a gent just filed a law suit claiming that Kalanick stole the technology Uber runs on from him and Uber leaves a path behind them of drivers in financial ruin while claiming the drivers are the new “rich” kids on the block.

It is so absolutely stupid that it is this way, but were I running any State that Uber serves, Uber would be regulated just to protect my State from Uber lies. Were I an investor, I would pick up my check book and get out of Dodge before anything stupid happens. And, stupid is about to happen. I feel it in the wind . . .

No, I am not suggesting anything unlawful and/or violent. I am just saying that Uber is having an adverse impact on a whole bunch of folks and sooner or later it’s going to come back to bite Kalanick right in his ass. Maybe the Government will stop falling for his con-game, the Drivers may finally revolt and tell Kalanick they are tired of working for free, or maybe the pending “class-action” suits against Uber will be so costly that Kalanick has to back up a bit for a minute, but something is going to happen.

So, give this a moments thought. Why does Uber need government regulation? Because they cannot be trusted to act responsibly. They have proven they cannot be trusted. They have been caught in lie after lie. Hell, Uber is the reason we need regulations in the first place.

Do you realize, that had not a few Politicians persisted in the need for safety regulations compliance that Uber would not give a damn how many sex offenders, murderers, and other criminals they put on the street. Kalanick and Uber do not care, they claim they are not liable for anything that goes wrong and believe they have enough legal resources to be untouchable. And, they prove this in every city they visit each day.

Uber requires strict regulation because they do not play by the rules. They do not play by anybody’s rules. They believe the rules do not apply to them. So far, no government, no competitor, and no employee has been able to even slow Kalanick and Uber down and Kalanick and Uber are screwing everybody in one way or another each step of the way.

Thus far Kalanick and Uber have done nothing commendable since they started business. The Drivers have made Uber what it is, not Kalanick. All Kalanick brought to the table was the Application, which we have recently learned may have been stolen. The Drivers that started in the beginning and since are what has made Uber what it is today. And believe me, the Drivers take as much crap off of Uber on a day to day basis that they should have quit working with Uber long ago.

Yes, Uber requires regulation. Uber’s conduct, abuse of authority, and ongoing lies are demonstrative of the need for regulation of Uber. And, regulation is necessary for the protection of the community, the City, and the State everywhere that Uber serves the public. Uber needs regulation because without it, Uber will continue to be Uber.



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