Was Uber The Result Of Theft By Kalanick?

Some folks would not give this video a second glance, thinking this guy a “nut-case” trying to pull a scam.

But, let me tell you folks . . . Uber’s Travis Kalanick is the first person I have ever heard of that is truly “ethically challenged” and each day brings forth additional evidence such to be true.

Travis Kalanick–Ethically Challenged


The more and more thought I give this situation, the more I think of how poorly drivers are treated by Uber. I think of the lies, the presentation of false data the result of selective data mining, the manipulation of government, the lies to the public, and the belief that they can do anything they want and get away with it, and I have little doubt that if it was possible that Kalanick stole the Uber idea from someone else, it would likely be true.

How is this guy still in business? How do respected investors still invest in Uber? How does anybody still work for this company? You would figure that somewhere along thefront-big way everybody’s ethics meter would sound an alarm; “TO MUCH BULLSHIT, GET AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.” But, do any of the key players have the ethics or morals to back away from Travis Kalanick and Uber?

There was a movie a while back that starred a couple of big stars (Cannot help it, my mind went blank when I tried to remember their names.) played the roles of attorneys where the devil was the boss of the law firm. I can easily imagine Kalanick walking into the room and giving somebody the evil eye, “ Vote against regulation” and the person on the other end of the look doing so. The reason I say this is because Kalanick has his own posse that follows him about doing his bidding. Is Travis Kalanick just a “con-man” or the “Main Man on the evil side?”

Whatever the case, Travis Kalanick is part and parcel involved in the destruction of the US economy. Look at all the indicators . . . How many people will suddenly be unemployed when Uber comes to town? How many business will fail because Uber comes to town? Travis Kalanick calls this the “new economy,” but the only thing new about it is he gets rich, everybody else loses everything. The US needs quality income producing jobs today. Instead of creating 300,000 good jobs that support a family, Travis Kalanick and Uber created 300,000 jobs that do not even pay the driver a minimum wage. And, as fast as drivers figure it out Uber has already flooded our cities with new drivers yet to learn that their financial health is about to take a downward turn. It usually takes a driver about three months to see the truth, but they catch on sooner or later. How does Kalanick get away with this? I suppose if you dangle a carrot in front of the right people, they might believe it more than a carrot. Folks, it is not anything more than a carrot, you will be disappointed should you believe it a garden.



3 thoughts on “Was Uber The Result Of Theft By Kalanick?

  1. I’ve been interested in trying to understand the human mind for a long time. I have undergone hypnosis, been a cult member, and as a taxi driver in NYC in the eighties I fell in with a “family” of bookers who called each other “wife in law”‘ as they were all “married” to the same pimp. I wanted very much to understand the power he had over these women. Throw in “Stockholm syndrome” and “infatuation” and it’s all the same thing.

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