Here I Go Again . . . Let’s Unify . . . Rah, Rah, Rah . . . .

I believe I am starting to sound like a broken record, repeating myself over and over again. I keep saying UNIFY, UNIFY, UNIFY. Others chant along behind me “UNIFY, UNIFY, UNIFY” but is anybody listening? I have no idea how yesterdays boycott went. Was it a success? A failure? Any result at all? I will guarantee you folks one thing that you can count on. If I ever give a “call to action” for drivers to support an activity I promote, it will not be my fault that drivers do not hear of the action. I have said repeatedly, that in order for us to be effective in any way, Unification is required. This does not mean everybody joins a single Association or everybody abandon their Groups. It means those not in an Association should join one, and every Association Leader should make an effort to affiliate with the other Associations and share contact information so that we as a group can discuss matters necessary so that we are not stepping on each others toes or working contrary to one another.

Travis Kalanick laughs his ass off at our Associations. Why? Because we fail to provide a unified force to oppose him. He knows his attorneys can push us right out of the way if we only represent a few thousand drivers. But unify the forces and resources we have collectively, and this may be much different for him as well as us. There are also many different ways to accomplish certain tasks. While one Association may attack an issue with protest or strike, others might wage their battle by communications with Politicians and Government Agencies. I know I have become a major pain in the anatomy to a number of Senators and Transportation Authorities over the past few months. But individually we can do little more than annoy our employers. It is simply imperative that we join forces to fight this battle. And it is important that we do it right now.

Many do not understand that our failure to act during these times of regulation will harm us for the future. Just as Uber imposes legislation that makes it against the law for drivers to accept cash from Riders for any reason, we fight on a separate front for the Courts to say we should be able to receive tips. The problem is . . . By the time the Court says “yes” to tips Uber will have manipulated the legislature into making it against the law to receive cash and Uber will never modify their App to allow tips. Those of you that fail to see this the path Uber is traveling need to pay attention because Uber does not play fair. Of course we do have a work around for this situation, but this is only the topping of the iceberg. The point I am making is to make is that we need to get our act together if we are to succeed at making any benefit to the drivers out here.

C’mon folks, lets do something to make a difference. We cannot do it without you. And, we cannot do it without the support of each other. If you are not a member of a Driver’s Association, join one, or two, or three. There really is no restriction on how many Associations you can be a member of. But, join one at least. If you lead a Driver’s Association, affiliate with the other Associations promptly. Each Leader and some of his staff should have every other Association Leader on speed-dial and perhaps the Leaders need to meet and discuss how we can effectively support each other. I know there are some of you that believe you can walk the walk on your own, you are wrong. Travis Kalanick is just waiting for you to show up at his door step making demands alone. The first thing he will say is your little Association cannot speak for the collective of drivers as your organization is too small and slam the door in your face calling you a fool. What is necessary is for us to actually talk to each other and develop  a plan that will fit our needs within our resources, and then support each other by doing whatever is necessary to make our actions successful. And, it would probably be best if we restricted such conversations to at least private phone conversations until we can hold such conversations in a more secure environment than open Internet.

Let me say it once more . . .  UNIFY, UNIFY, UNIFY for the sake of us all, please unify. Keep in mind that the Drivers are still the only income producing faction of the TNC’s, and we are working to provide the means to displace us from our jobs. Shouldn’t we get paid a reasonable pay until they take our jobs away!


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