Are We Ourselves The Problem?

One thing that really bothers me is not knowing where a problem lay. In the case of the TNC’s running rough-shod over the drivers, is it the drivers own failure to act causing the issue? If you are tired of working for pennies, tired of being taken advantage of, or just had enough of not being treated like a part of the team . . . Why aren’t you doing something about it. I mean, why haven’t you joined one of the active Driver Associations? And, if you are running an Association why haven’t you affiliated with the other Associations?

This is important. None of us will succeed on our own, not a single driver will succeed without the support and commitment of the rest of us. You see, if you combined all of the known Associations, Groups, and external resources into one affiliation. We would still barely make 1/10th of the drivers contracted to the TNC’s today. How the hell do you wage a war with less than 1/10th  of your army. Alone, none of us are going to do anything but make the TNC’s laugh at us. But, give me that 1/10th combined and committed to support us as necessary, we can bring about change. Are you done sitting on your ass doing nothing but running you lip without result. Then join us! Either become a member of the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION yourself, or have your current Association, Group, or Collective of Drivers Affiliate with the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION. We also accept Affiliation from Unions representing Drivers.

Repeatedly in the past, individual Associations have tried to take action that could be beneficial to us all were the action to have more organized, maybe discussed for best impact, and the pertinent information disseminated through our ranks. But, we are not doing this. Why? By this stage of the game every leader of every Association, Group, or Other should know the contact info of every other leader of every other Association, Group, or Other so we can work together and create positive result from our efforts. Nobody else has tried getting us affiliated to do this, and my efforts have achieved little result. So, is it us causing our own failure? Is it not about damn time we quit being the problem?

Presently, one of our Associations/Groups is planning an action for May 1st. And, they appear to be planning it on their own. Why? Why aren’t they reaching out to the rest of the Associations for affiliation and support? Why is this not coming together for and from all of us? And if their attempt does nothing,  it is our fault. Because we should not be standing by doing nothing while a few good men try to take a progressive effort in our behalf. Let’s stop screwing around! Unification is our only real course of action. DO IT, NOW!



p align=”center”>Affiliate with the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION


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