Need To Be Rolling In The Numbers!

All right Ride-Hail/Ride Share Drivers, Riders, and Services. The US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION needs numbers. In other words we need members, and we need them now. We can add to our membership in a couple different ways.

  1. New members can join as individuals. It doesn’t cost you anything to join and we only collect minimal data. Your data will not be disclosed or sold without yourTN_SYMSN016 authorization or a Court Order to do so.
  2. Other Associations, Organizations, and Groups can show their solidarity by Affiliation with the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION which serves two purposes.
    1. It shows solidarity of the organizations in our efforts to better the Ride-Hail Industries.
    2. It unifies our voice, providing us the strength to be heard by those that would otherwise suppress us.

You all know the phrase, “United We Stand.” we need to demonstrate “United” desperately. Thus far we have attempted various acts that have done little to serve our needs as individual organizations. Now, we need to quit screwing around and get serious by unification of our organizations so that no longer will any one organization have to stand alone. We have a choice to make, either sit on our lazy ass, or get involved in doing something about your future. Every Driver that fails to stand in unity with the organizations that have been formed at individual expense to serve your needs, is cause for our failure.

TN_bvoiceARE YOU HAPPY TO PROVIDE THE TNC’s THE INCOME THEY NEED TO REPLACE US WITH AUTONOMOUS CARS, while they pay you pennies to the dollars that they rake in daily? Doesn’t it seem a little unfair to you that they have cut our rates while pocketing twice the Riders Safety Fees? Do you enjoy having to pay out twice the expenses you previously had to, to make the same money you made four months ago? How many of our friends and co-workers have we seen terminated by their ridiculous rating system? How many drivers have been trapped into their Auto Purchase Program by deceit and trickery? The TNC’s have hired numerous advocates to support their Legislative efforts to entrap the TNC Drivers into laws and regulation that serves only the interest of the TNC’s themselves, with little or no input from us. The TNC’s have come up with insurance policies that we will have to pay for ourselves, in addition to our own insurance, while the TNC’s collect millions of dollars of Safe Rider Fees daily. We were told that the TNC’s were going to provide for our insurance needs above our insurance, weren’t we? The TNC’s do not hesitate to lie and create distraction from the truths about incomes of the TNC Drivers. The TNC companies continue to leave us victims of their failure to protect us as they promised. Are we going to continue to let these things happen, while doing nothing about it?

Get off the side-lines Drivers! Other organizations, this is a call to muster. There is no need for approximately 200,000 Drivers to not be paid adequately, treated properly, or supported accordingly. We all have a common goal, now lets stand together and do something about it. We can be part of the problem, or part of the solution. Which part do you choose to be? Join any Association or Organization that seeks the betterment of the Ride-Hail Industry. Organizations affiliate with each other and us for a unified voice of the Ride-Hail Drivers strong enough to take us into a better future. Doing nothing, may as well be the same as working against the drivers that deserve so much better.

I do not know about you, but I am tired of watching the TNC’s reduce good paying jobs to poverty level waste. Stand Up, let’s fix this!   


2 thoughts on “Need To Be Rolling In The Numbers!

    • Joseph, don’t stand on the side-lines. There’s plenty of room inside. Join the Association. Hell, I haven’t even begun making an ass of myself or being a pain in the ass yet. Grab a front row seat.


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