Calling All Associations, Organizations, and Groups

All Associations, Organizations, and Groups that support the Ride-Hail/Ride Share Industry are invited to affiliate with the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION in effort to unify the voice of the Ride-Hail Drivers nation-wide. We believe the best way to get our voices heard is by being able to communicate with each organization so that we may work in concert with one-another for the common goal of the betterment of Drivers, Riders, and Services of the Ride-Hail Industry.

Regardless the size of your organization, working alone is often a futile effort at best. By affiliation with one-another we can support the efforts made by each organization to provide unification of our voices to be heard where apparently nobody is listening. It is well beyond the time when our input was needed but not included in matters of legislation of the Ride-Hail Industry, and even more necessary the negotiation of Driver’s Contracts with the Ride-Hail Employers. As small groups/associations we have little impact in these matters. To improve this situation, we suggest the affiliation of the many associations, organizations, and groups that support the Ride-Hail Drivers, Riders, and Services will provide us all a better position in these matters as well as the ability to support the acts of each of the affiliate organizations to demonstrate the solidarity of the Drivers represented by each of the organizations.

Affiliation costs nothing and does not require you to make any change to your organization. Affiliation opens the lines of communications between the organizations allowing the ability to not have to work alone in our efforts to work for the betterment of Drivers of the Ride-Hail Industry. Affiliation allows the different organizations to communicate on issues of the Riders served by the Ride-Hail Industry. And, Affiliation provides the ability to communicate or act in concert as necessary for the betterment of Services of the Ride-Hail Industry.

The most needed thing of the Ride-Hail Industry is the unification of drivers voices, to be heard as necessary for the betterment of the Ride-Hail Industry moving forward into the future!   

Affiliate Application


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