Do You Ever Reduce Your Rider’s Fare?

I know, it sounds ridiculous that we would reduce a Rider’s fare when Uber pays us dirt rates to transport the Rider in the first place, but do you sometimes give a lower fare than Uber charges the Rider?

The contract between Drivers and Uber allows the Driver to negotiate a lower price with the Rider. You will note the contract only allows a lower fare, not an increase in fare. ThisRider_Backseat_BW is Uber’s way of telling us we are “Employees” not truly “Independent Contractors.” It’s also Uber’s way of taking away our right by the contract to renegotiation of our contract with Uber, as the same section of our preceding contract allowed for the Driver to request a contract negotiation with Uber.

Anyway! DO you even consider giving te Rider an even lower rate than that charged by Uber? I have. I have a regular Rider that wanted to go to the City on a trip I was already making and I told him I would bring him with me for $25.00. The fare was close to $40.00 I believe, plus $4.00 or $5.00 toll. So, I charged him $25.00 plus the toll. You ask how did I charge him. It’s quite easy. You simply contact Support and provide them the details of the trip, which until yesterday was simply the trip number and ask they reduce the charge to the Rider credit card. This worked for the aforementioned Rider.

Last night, I took a young couple to In & Out Burger in San Lorenzo from an In & Out Burger in Oakland. I took advantage of the trip and had myself some lunch there also. I was standing next to my car eating my burger as the couple exited the Burger shop and they asked if I could take them all the way to Berkeley. They had wanted to go to BART and use BART to Berkeley, but there was no way we would make it to BART as BART was closing for the night. So, I agreed to run them to Berkeley. On the way while doing my Uber “chatter” with the couple I missed my turn which added about 1 mile to the trip. They were not upset about it and didn’t give any complaint for my error and we just took the next off ramp and proceeded to their destination. Once we arrived, I observed the fare to be around $33.00. I don’t know why but I told them I would reduce their fare a bit. I was going to reduce their fare to $25.00 but when I calculated the trip later I would have lost money on the trip in going that low, so I asked Uber Support to reduce the couples fare to $27.50 which was still in the paying for the gas range for me. Face it Uber’s rates do not pay us a wage anyway, we have to keep it to at least gas payment for the trip.

But, Uber does a “change up” on me and asks me for the Rider’s name. Now, we all know that we do not have access to the Rider’s names subsequent to the next trip taken, how am I supposed to give them this information. I knew what I thought the Ride’s name to be, but not the actual name. So, I sent that name into Support hoping it would suffice. After doing  so I sat for a moment thinking about it. And, it started me to thinking about the injustice of the Driver’s contract with Uber.

There is absolutely nothing fair about Uber’s Driver contracts. The contracts Uber forced upon their drivers fails to even pay UberX Drivers their costs in doing the job, leaving most of UberX working well beneath minimum wage. Uber removed the right of a Driver to negotiate his contract during the last re-write of the contract forced upon us last year. So, of all the contract “screw the driver” sections, I’ll be damned if Uber is going to find a way to hinder my use of the “negotiate lower fares” section of our contract. If I want to give a relative, fellow driver, the Military, my church, my best friend, the little old lady that lives down the street, or anyone else “I choose” a reduced rate, I will.

Shanghai, China. February 13th 2014. Driver images for UBER marketing content.Unlike most Uber Drivers, it costs me more than I make to drive for Uber. So, I actually pay out more than I bring in every time I drive for Uber. In essence I pay Uber to drive for them. So, if I cannot work for a profit why not work for the loss. It’s my money! Uber does not care if I make money or not. It bothers Uber not a bit not to pay me enough to do the job. So, if I want to piss away my money driving for Uber, why not give some more of my money away to Riders if I want to. The Drivers contract which does nothing in favor of the driver, to benefit the driver, does at least allow the driver to benefit the Rider.  And, although I have no intention of further running myself into further financial ruin than Uber is taking me, I may give fare reductions as allowed by the driver’s contract with Uber as I choose to. And, Uber should have no cause to hinder my ability to do so.

So, I wrote another email to Uber Support telling them the requirement that I provide a Rider’s name to give this fare reduction was not a requirement of the Driver’s contract and insisted they make the reduction specified. Let’s see what happens to my request for the fare reduction I have made to Uber. 


p align=”center”>Time For Change!


4 thoughts on “Do You Ever Reduce Your Rider’s Fare?

  1. When I took UberX as a pax last weekend the driver made a left instead of a right taking me to a restaurant so he stopped the trip early to account for the mistake… I thought that was cool… I’ve done that before as a driver myself…

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