I Distributed Association Flyers Tonight

You know, you may not believe in the need for an Association to represent us is very important. You may not believe we need an Association at all. But, I do. And I believe in such so strongly that I took to the streets of San Francisco this evening passing out flyers to Ride-Hail drivers. Actually, I went to The GROOVE, the San Francisco Drivers hang-out and since I did not have GROOVE’s approval to distribute the flyers on their property I circled the block looking for cars with Trade Dress showing and slipped a flyer underneath their windshield wiper. There was likely 50 to 60 cars in the neighborhood, most Ride-Hail driver’s vehicles, but since I didn’t know for sure I only left flyers on cars showing trade dress.

A little later I ran across the guy (Manny Bamfos) that runs The GROOVE and he allowed me to pass the flyers out to drivers inside The Groove perimeter. I probably passed out about 80 flyers. The flyer is a simple invitation for drivers to join the Association. driver’s need to be aware that time is running out for the need for an Association to represent us in many situations. Already, most legislative actions have already made it to law and will take far more than we have for resources to create modification. We will have to see how much influence we can muster for those States not yet completed their legislative process. But, we still have time to impact the Employer/Contractor contract cycle if we act fast enough. flyerx

Then there is always a number of other ways the Association can serve the Ride-Hail Driver community.  There are a number of services that would be ideal for sale to Ride-Hail Drivers that would be better if made available as a Group purchase providing Drivers substantial discount. There are issues that Drivers have serious issue with that were we to be able to sit and talk with the Ride-Hail Employers possibly some resolve could be made beneficial to all concerned.

The biggest thing in our future to be concerned with, is autonomous cars. The Ride-Hail Driver is the only true income producer for the Ride-Hail Company. The Ride-Hail Company has intent to work the Ride-Hail Driver taking the monies earned and using it to build the cars to replace us. And, we have to accept that the autonomous cars are coming. We cannot stop them. It will happen. But, is that the end of the human driver?

I truly believe that the autonomous car will come on strong once they hit the market. But, there will be those that oppose such change and the human driver will continue to fill a need in the market. I also believe that shortly after the autonomous car hits the streets, human drivers will return to being exclusive and those with the pockets to pay for human drivers will do so just because of that exclusiveness. The real  question is, will the human driver survive the novelty of the autonomous car to return to being needed.

Where the Ride-Hail Company blows in this situation is the Ride-Hail Drivers should be in the food chain for operation of the autonomous cars. Think about it. The current drivers with the capability to buy into running their own small business as operators of the autonomous cars. It would be like we were never worked out of the market, but promoted into it. The initial cars will be expensive and “buggy” needing corrective repairs and such. There will be significant expense to maintain these cars and distribution of that expense by multiple owners would be a good idea. But, I don’t know nothing about such things, I is just a driver.

Anyway, my flyer distribution is demonstrating a positive result with the addition of new members, so I feel good about it. Thank You for joining to all of our new members and thank you for being here to the older members . . . Let’s move forward into the future. 


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