Uber’s Serious About Safety With New Global Response Team | Digital Trends

If Uber is serious about anything, it should be about Driver’s pay . . .

Uber’s Serious About Safety With New Global Response Team | Digital Trends

It’s bad enough that Drivers have to worry about every Rider that gets in their car leaving them a messed up rating, now they have to worry about undercover cops playing traffic cop on them.

Actually, this may not be as bad as it seems. This could be a double edged sword for drivers, if the cops realize the drivers are driving their City, taking their short cuts to get around problems, and working with the city’s traffic patterns. Take San Francisco for example,

  • Taxi, Limo, & Ride-Hail Drivers all do this as necessary
  • Exceed the speed limit
  • Double Park in traffic
  • Make illegal U-Turns

We do not do these things all the time, but sometimes as necessary to get out of traffic situations and such. Now, put a cop in my car and make me act contrary to traffic and watch me cause major traffic jambs and such City wide. Have you ever noticed how a cab driver can stop in the middle of the lane to pick up a passenger and not cause a traffic delay or back up? The reason he can do this is because that is what he is expected to do. The second he indicates he is going to stop, traffic goes right around him. Because that is what we all expect him to do. If you were to drive through the area seeking a safe place to pull to the curb, slowing and braking every time you found a driveway or fire hydrant, every car behind you would be nutz in a very short time. Traffic flow is a fragile thing. You either become part of it or you become a problem.

During commute hours you do not go faster nor slower than the traffic flow, you match the traffic flow exactly. That is how it works. More problems occur because somebody just doesn’t get out of the way and others are forced to have to get passed them. Think of traffic being like a flow of water, everything moving as it follows the flow. Then try to slow down any one portion of it and what happens next . . . you do not just stop that flow. Where one back up of the flow starts causing a disruption it continues behind making the same disruption. This is what has happened when you are traveling down the freeway and traffic backs up for no apparent reason. If someone pushes on a brake pedal in one place it is felt all the way back to the next brake in traffic.  If police ride-a-longs are going to rate drivers on the way they drive vs. text book driving, some drivers are going to get screwed. The police drive the same as the rest of us do, and if they rate drivers on that “curve” it should be a fair assessment.

However, there are larger concerns here. When Drivers were asked their opinion on this; “Who gives a damn about who drives what, where, when, or why . . . When you get paid “shit” wages to do the job. If you want to put cops in my car, without my knowledge, to make accusatory reports against me, that history demonstrates that I will not even have the right to challenge, while you continue to pay me less than a reasonable rate, yeah right? Tell you what . . . PAY ME! Pay me a fair rate, that I can profit, run my own business, and maybe feed my family. Then, and only then do you have the right to observe how I make my living. As far as I am concerned, I will take your drugs tests, allow you run my background, and even allow your “ride-along” cops, after you start paying me right for the job I am doing for you.”

“Until my rate is raised to a reasonable rate, (I mean what the market considers reasonable, not what you consider reasonable) I will ask every person that is about to ride in my car if they are a Peace Officer, on duty or not, or an employee of Uber Technologies, by employ or contract and if their response to the affirmative, I will promptly decline and cancel the ride.  YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SET UP DRIVERS.” were the voices heard.

As for the Global Response Team, there was no comment . . .


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