Back Against The Wall . . .


Have you ever found yourself with your back against the wall facing adversaries from all sides, even the side you are trying to defend? That is what this Ride-Hail stuff is doing to me. I know it seems like I do not really write to this blog very much any more, but it is because my time is so severely used by trying to start a Driver’s Association to represent drivers in the Ride-Hail industry.

The problem is, the Ride-Hail companies like Uber and Lyft are abusing the hell out of their drivers and the drivers just won’t get off their collective asses and defend themselves. Last year when I joined Uber, they were advertising . . . “Work for Uber, make 5k per month.” Well I just about figured I had struck gold or like the Beverly Hillbillies done found me some crude. Well after getting screwed to the…

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