We Want to Know The issues?

We hope one day to be a full–fledged Driver’s Association representing Drivers nation-wide on issues important to Driver working the Ride-Hail Industry. To ascertain the types of issues that Drivers, Riders, and Services face on an ongoing basis, we suggest you advise us of your complaint, recommendation, or commendation here. At this stage we are not yet capable of representing anyone and have no authority to resolve any issues or concerns of anybody. However, if we know the answer, or know whom to direct your information to we will respond to you as promptly as possible.  What do we want to know about?

We want to know:

  • If you are a Rider/Driver and your trip sucked, was cool, or was fantastic, and why?
  • If you are a Rider/Driver and you were treated poorly by your Rider/Driver? KIA
  • If there was any kind of incident/accident and the details of action taken and if the situation?
  • If your Rider/Driver was good, bad, or other and details of anything that makes you feel that way?
  • If you found anything objectionable about your trip and any reasons/details as to why?
  • If you hate one of the Ride-Hail services and why?
  • Or, anything else you would like to tell us?

keep in mind, we do not yet represent anybody and have no authority to resolve any issues or concerns you may have. However, if we know whom you should contact, what the applicable procedures are, or can be of any help to you in any way, will will respond to you. If we do not have the information to help you, no response will be given but your data will be retained to ascertain if such issue is a part of a bigger issue that will require research and/or Official response from others. None of your personal information will be shared without your consent.  To use this service, simply click this link or select “Tell Us About It” from the menu above and subsequent to completing the form submit it to us for review.


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