SB0294 Third Substitute Transportation Network Company Amendments



This is absolutely ridiculous. This is Utah’s SB0294 that they just approved. Allow me to draw your attention to line #103.

(c) receives, in exchange for providing a passenger a ride, compensation that exceeds
 the individual’s cost to provide the ride.


Do you understand that this means that the driver is guaranteed by law to receive $0.01 over the cost of the driver completing the ride. There is no guaranteed rate to ensure the driver earns any money. The only guarantee this Senate Bill provides is that the driver’s expense for the ride is covered, plus $0.01.

If drivers cannot see that they need representation in these matters, I don’t know what better example to show them than this Senate Bill which is drafted to become the Law in the State of Utah. Obviously the Senators from Utah DO NOT care for the workers that will not even earn a minimum wage after the initial starting of services in their local. And, the law will not require fair compensation to the drivers because of the negligence of these people:

Bill Sponsor:

Sen. Adams, J. Stuart

Floor Sponsor:

Rep. McCay, Daniel

  • Drafting Attorney: Samuel C. Johnston

That’s right Senators, your negligence will be the reason you have ride-hail service failure, people treated as slave labor, and more people on your welfare roles. Everyone of you involved in this Senate Bill should remove yourself from office due to the negligence demonstrated by line #103 as noted above. Your negligence is a disgrace to this nation and an insult to the American Worker.

Every TNC Driver within the State of Utah needs to join an Association and have your representative raise absolute hell upon these Senators for the negligence they have demonstrated and lack of concern for the worker that drive for the TNC Services. US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION


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