An Association Does Not Have To Be Adversarial . . .

An Association does not have to adversarial towards the Business that the represented workers are from. Actually, it is our hope that this Association not be adversarial towardsRider_Drop-Off_Color anybody, but serve to better relations between workers and the companies they work with. This is one of the reasons we welcome Ride-Hail Riders into this Association. We want the Rider input as necessary to improve the rider experience and ridership. They are not part of the represented membership and our responsibilities will always be to the represented members, but the input and subsequent conversation with the riders can help us to improve not only the Driver – Rider relations, but possibly demonstrate the need for change in the services we provide to make such services better.

This is the same with the Ride-Hail companies. There are many things that can be improved without adversarial action if we cooperate with each other for the betterment of the services provided. We would hope to reach an ongoing cooperation with the Ride-Hail companies to address the concerns of our membership as well as respond to the needs of these companies.

To reach this point, membership is necessary. In other words, we cannot hope to address any of the parties involves if we are not yet a true Association. To do this we need members, we need members willing to serve the Association Board, and we need a membership to represent. We cannot approach any of the companies claiming to represent the membership without membership to represent. The Association is not managed by one person, it is managed by a group of people elected to serve as the Board for the Association. This means that we have to have enough membership to nominate and elect such Board Members.

This Association is being developed to work towards the betterment for the drivers, riders, and services. This means that we have a goal to improve Ride-Hail for all concerned. Again, our primary responsibility is to the represented membership, but this does not mean that we do not have an open mind and make efforts to cooperate if it serves to better the services we provide.

We encourage all Ride-Hail Drivers to join the ranks of this Association in hopes of achieving our goals of cooperation and provision of a represented membership. Join Us! Let’s work together for a better tomorrow for ride-hail services.

(We realize that some of you have concerns about reprisal from the ride-hail companies should they join an Association. While it is against the law for any of the affected companies to take such action against anyone for such, our intent is to keep your names confidential and no release of such information will even be considered until such time as it is agreed by vote of the Association Board to do so.)


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