Kalanick, Are You Serious?

pleasenthillI get a ping that is 12 miles from my present location to the pickup location, then 18.34 miles to the drop off point, then dead head back 20 miles to my next pickup which is 13.37 miles to drop off for a total trip distance of 63.71 miles for a total fare of $58.61. When exactly are you going to be fair to drivers?


Will you start paying us a decent wage when I can no longer drive because my car gets repossessed?


Will you give us fair pay before I get evicted from my home?


Are you going to continue paying us much less than minimum wage until your autonomous cars are in service?


You know damn well that you are not paying your drivers fairly. You know you have turned 162,000 worthwhile jobs into 162,000 worthless jobs. Is that your legacy you want to leave America?




Are you getting your nut on the fact I worked for a Net Profit of –$19.47 or –$7.87 per hour?

Do you really think Karma isn’t going to catch up with you?

Do you really believe there is anything fair about drivers making less earnings than it cost to do the job?

When are you going to act like a real Business Man Kalanick?

I have been telling you for over 3 months that I am not making one penny of profit and you have done nothing.

I have asked for a renegotiation of my contract to which has been denied.

American Workers do not get treated like this, especially by a business with a value of 40 Billion dollars.




If they ever seek witnesses against you for the wrongs you have committed Kalanick, I promise I will be the first in line . . .


2 thoughts on “Kalanick, Are You Serious?

  1. Uber’s slogan should be “let us help you eat your car”. Or, ” uber: converting your car’s equity into our pocket.” I think the one I’ve come up with that I like the best…”uber: get taken for a ride”. Applies to all concerned.

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