Grandmother Driving For Uber Says She Was Attacked By Door-Slamming Passengers « CBS San Francisco

There is an App for this situation . . .

Grandmother Driving For Uber Says She Was Attacked By Door-Slamming Passengers « CBS San Francisco

After reading this story I gave it a moments thought. There are a bunch of applications for both android phones and that other operating system that Iphones use, that serve as a kind of “SOS” button for the user in the event of emergency. There are free and paid apps with a variety of options even some have a call center monitoring the app. I suggest that maybe all Ride-Hail drivers download one of these apps and see what you think of it. Be cautious, some do have direct connection to 911 so do not go testing it as you will likely receive at least a ticket for the false call.

Regardless, no driver should have to put up with unacceptable conduct from our passengers. Those of you that want to use one of these apps will note one thing common to most of them. They all allow you to configure your phone so you can use it to sound an alarm that you are in danger and it sends a message to the people of your choosing alerting them to your alarm and your GPS coordinates. Configure your phone to send the message to someone that will do something should they receive your alarm.

Keep in mind, from the time you send your alarm to the time you receive assistance is based upon how quickly the person you have notified responds to your alarm. I am going to send a request to Uber that support be set up to answer alarm messages so they can immediately notify police as necessary. In the interim, make a good choice as to whom you believe will respond promptly to your call for help. Here are a few choices:

 G4S     Panic Alert+GPS    bSafe Personal    SOS  

There are dozens to choose from so make sure you find one that fits your needs. Good luck and Stay Safe driving out there.


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