UberDrivers.com Sports A New Face

The UberDrivers which until today was a FaceBook Group, sports a fresh new look with their new web site at UberDrivers.com. The new site looks professionally built with all theuberdrivers horns and whistles it needs to be a top notch web site. It is very attractive. It favors a very clean black and white theme with a “slider” presentation on the home page showing recent news headlines with images. It looks sweet. GOOD JOB UberDrivers.com!

The site provides for a lot of user interaction. There is a Forum, Blogs, News, Classifieds, and an Earnings Calculator making the web site at least as useful as the FB Page, but probably much more useful as the users become comfortable with the change.  As I looked through it this morning I was impressed with the layout and smoothness of moving through the site. Everything was well organized and placed in an eye pleasing manner that just felt good. So many sites today look overburdened and cluttered, it was refreshing to see the organized efficiency of this site.

A “tip of me hat” to the folks over at UberDrivers.com for a job well done!


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