The US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION is a Professional Association who’s goal is for the betterment of Ride-Hail Drivers, Riders, and Services. While our hopes are to represent the Drivers in the things that effect the Drivers, that today the Drivers are not able to participate in or have their voices heard on the topic. Nobody wants to be governed by laws that do not consider your opinion in the making of the law. Nobody wants to work under contracts that do not provide any benefit for the worker. Nobody in the trade wants to see the trade fail. But, how do we get our voices heard at the time and place it is necessary be heard? We form and join an Association.

Every day there are new regulations that effect Drivers, Riders, and Services. Most often there are only two parties involved in this process, the Ride-Hail company and the Government. The Government is concerned for their interest be satisfied. The Ride-Hail company is concerned for their interest be satisfied. But, who is there to take the Drivers and Riders interests into the conversation? As it stands today, nobody. Why? Do we not care that our concerns do not have a voice in how our livelihood progresses?

The best way to have your voice heard and support your Association is simply by becoming a member. There is enormous strength in numbers. The more members the stronger the strength. Some people fear such association as they believe their employer will take retaliation against them for joining the Association. This is not the case as there are laws that protect the Association members from such acts and often, when members have been subjected to termination or punitive action by the employer, the involvement of an Association as a representative provides fairness to the process and possible resolve of the cause.

Do you have to do anything special to be in an Association for the betterment of your trade? Yes, you have to join. You do not have to appear at the Association office twice per week to report in on your activities. You do not have to attend meetings with the Government and your employer. You do not have to leave your Facebook Group to join the Association. All you have to do is join the Association.

How does your joining the Association benefit you and/or your co-workers? By joining the Association and telling your Association representative your opinions on matters that concern you, your representative is able to have your voice heard by the powers that be. The mere fact that you and a significant number of your co-workers have become Association members gives the Association strength to provide the voice necessary to be heard in your representation.

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The most important way to support yourself and your Association is to join the Association,

Without you we are one voice away from being heard! ..


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