Is Travis Kalanick Just a Con Man

Seriously folks, research is disclosing that damn near everything Travis had done with Uber is based on fiction, fabrications, and some simply blatant lies. Most information used to promote Uber to Government, Investors, and Independent Contractors comes from Uber “selective mining” of their database to present the desired result. Things like Driver’s incomes being outrageously high are part of this selective data mining. They used the “fares” collected as income for the drivers omitting the payments deducted to Uber and the driver’s expenses to make it appear the driver was earning that amount of money. Of course it was a lie, but nobody on the Uber Team cared until recently when Uber reduced Rider Fares to such a low level that the pay out to drivers reached below poverty level for most, some not even earning any income after expenses at all. And, each day Uber claims drivers making excellent incomes like it is the truth.

Uber claims to have created over 160,000 jobs nation-wide and boasts what a value they have been to the US economy. I read somewhere that one of the admin level people of Uber was going to present the statistics of how wonderful these jobs have turned out, drivers making great pay, lots of jobs for the community and so on and so forth, to the Mayors Conference in San Francisco this June. The problem with his presentation is none of the data is current reality, nor presents the fact that these jobs may have at one time been good income producing jobs, but today they are nothing more than poverty level abuse towards the drivers. Is the truth going to be presented to the Mayor’s Conference?

Commonly referred to as “Uber Logic” or “Uber Math” the calculations applied to driver’s anticipated income is usually an unobtainable mathematics equation. The current Fare reductions are one such equation. “Rates have been reduced low enough that drivers will never have a free moment without a passenger, making the driver more money because they always have a passenger.” What this actually means is, “drivers have to work twice as hard, expend twice the expense, to make half the money they used to make, while Uber suffers no loss to the percentage they deduct from driver earnings and even find a way to increase their own income by doubling down on the Riders Fees collected.” Doesn’t this seem like an elaborate confidence game to you?

Uber has promised the drivers the ability to become entrepreneurs running their own small business while working as a “partner’ to Uber, when in fact Uber sees their drivers as nothing but another commodity. The whole Uber concept is based upon people using resources that are sitting unused to profit from their use. In other words, you have a car just sitting there, why not make money with it. The Uber Logic that since you already have a car, it doesn’t cost you more to use as you already have one that is just sitting. The reality is that Uber Logic means that since you have already purchased a car that sits idle for so many hours per day, you can use that car at no additional expense because you are already paying for it. The idea of escalated depreciation, shortened life of the car, and increased maintenance costs do come into the equation, but somehow you do not end up with enough money to replace your current car after you beat the hell out of it playing taxi for Uber. Again, does this sound like an elaborate confidence game to you?

Uber’s Auto Purchase Program is advertised to help drivers purchase new cars to drive for Uber at reduced prices, with multiple discounts, reasonable interest rates, like it is a benefit for the drivers. this program is nothing less than Uber throwing drivers to the mercy of Sub-Prime Lenders, the equivalent of a “Loan Shark” that charges ridiculous interest rates adding to double the cost of the car with payments of close to $1,000.00 per month. Payments are extracted from drivers earnings to make weekly payments towards the car loans. I admit this sounds more like “strong armed robbery” than a confidence game, but at least a confidence game until the Lender takes over. This leaves drivers having invested maybe 30 to 50k to work in partnership with Uber.

Drivers that believed Uber would ensure their investment provided a good return fro the Auto Purchase Program have discovered that as far as Uber is concerned, you would have bought a new car anyway so the purchase does not even factor into the equation relative to driver earnings. And, with the most recent Fare reductions the Uber Driver that purchased a car through the Uber Auto Purchase Program cannot even pay his expenses to drive for Uber, and Uber does not care. A brief look over the documents involved in the Auto Purchase Program discloses that Uber takes absolutely no responsibility, makes no guarantees, and provides no relief to the driver should he not be able to meet his obligation of payment for the car. Drivers that purchased cars when it was possible to make 5k in fares per month are facing a reality of only making 2k in fares per month, while Uber watches them fail and lose the cars to repossession. This is an abuse more than a confidence game, it’s taking advantage of the disadvantaged who were not disadvantaged until Uber sucked them into the deal with lies and deceitful advertisement.

The contract that binds the Independent Contractor is an extremely one-sided document that was updated this past November with a new version that makes every act committed a legal act, regardless if legal or not. Uber got driver acceptance of the new contract not through bargaining with drivers, not through negotiation with drivers but by pushing the information through the smartphone that the drivers use for navigation of the Uber application, which popped up a screen roughly 2” x 2” that basically said “I approve of the contract” or the app would not allow them to go back to the driver’s window of the application to drive. Couple this with a window that requires the driver to approve the application update on the phone, most drivers tapped the contract approval never realizing they had done so. Doesn’t this seem pretty much like a scam to stop drivers from getting the rights to the income they hired on to receive? Driver’s attempts at negotiation of the contract is declined by Uber.

How does Uber present their information to their Investors? Do they deceive the Investors as much as they do the drivers? Does Uber tell the Investors the same lies they they use in advertising for drivers, making it appear drivers are raking in big bucks partnering with Uber? Are investors the likes of Goldman-Sachs and Google as gullible as the drivers that believed Uber was going to provide them a better future? I believe Google is very generous towards their employees and contractors. Is Google aware and in agreement that Uber contractors should be treated so poorly? How about the other Investors?

Government nation-wide has allowed themselves to be manipulated if not bullied from enforcement of local laws against Uber, allowing for the citing and arrest of drivers while the driver’s car impounded. Uber has taken care of the ticket and impound expenses for these drivers, but what about the damage to the drivers Motor Vehicles Department reports? Why hasn’t Government stepped up to the plate to protect drivers from the abuse they are subjected to by Uber? Why hasn’t Government even commenced investigation into the information about Uber wrong-doings that can be seen absolutely everywhere on the Internet today?

I have never met Travis Kalanick so I cannot actually say he is running nothing more than an elaborate confidence game. But, I do know I am caught up in it and losing my ass financially without the ability to even discuss concerns with Uber Administration. So, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it might very well be a duck, in my opinion.


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