We Appreciate The Support Of Our Riders

When we considered the idea of an Association to represent Ride-Hail Divers nation-wide, we failed to include one of our best assets, the Ride-Hail Rider. It does not matter which Ride-Hail you use, you support the principle of the shared ride. So, we also invite you to become members of the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION and we very much appreciate your doing so.

Riders are our most valuable asset. You are not only part of Ride-Hail, but you are also a very valuable voice in everything relative to Ride-Hail. And, you should have a voice in the future of Ride-Hail services. We know you are concerned with safety, costs, and consistent quality service and to tell you the truth, our goal is to meet every one of your concerns with a satisfactory result. Of course, your input will be appreciated in reaching these goals.

In order to effect change in the Ride-Hail Services, we need to have a strong voice when dealing with Ride-Hail Companies and local Governments. We can use your support for this. The unified voice of Drivers and Riders will be a very strong voice and a voice that will be heard.

Presently, issues of our concern are outlined in the article “Welcome to the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION” and the issues need resolve if you, as a Rider, are ever to have your concerns met with any kind of satisfaction. We know that you like many of our Drivers and you appreciate excellent service. We cannot provide the service you deserve when the Ride-Hail Companies are paying us less than it takes to do the job. Many of us have invested a good deal of money to work in Ride-Hail only to have Ride-Hail Companies disregard our investment leaving us in less than desirable financial positions, and although we try to discuss the issue, we are met with less than the desired result.

The thing that troubles us the most is the amount of jobs that Ride-Hail has created that are being lowered to poverty level when the economy of this Country needs so much better. Considering that probably close to 180,000 jobs have been created by the combined Ride-Hail companies, these jobs should benefit our economy. Last year these jobs demonstrated they were capable of providing a reasonable income while still providing excellent prices to the Rider. This year these jobs demonstrate that these jobs are best performed by hobbyist not committed to the job, but as an extra income of little value. This is an un-necessary hardship on the Drivers, an un-necessary risk for the Riders, and a severe impact on the economy. Ask your friends that drive for Ride-Hail. If they tell you they are earning a reasonable income, please give a calculator and have them actually perform the math.

Please feel free to join the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION. The price for Rider Membership is $5.00 per year as a subscription.



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