Trying to unify the voices of up to 180,000 Ride-Hail Drivers is probably the most difficult task I have ever considered undertaking. But, it isn’t our opposition that is uber_PriceCuts_BlogInfographic-01-1-160x140[1]the problem. It is the drivers themselves. These drivers have been run over by the Ride-Hail Companies and left making less than minimum wage while the Ride-Hail Companies press them to “work twice as hard, for half as much, and the Ride-Hail Companies pocket twice the amount of Rider Fees and their 20 to 25 percent.

Force fed contract changes that require they accept the changes or stop driving, drivers have been duped into working for less than it costs to do Uberthe job. The Ride-Hail Companies crow to the Government how wonderful they are creating so many jobs to the benefit of the communities they serve. But the data the Ride-Hail Companies use to demonstrate such claim is from a time when the driver was able to earn money doing the job. That time has been stolen from the drivers and the driver’s ear filled with lies of prospering with increased ridership is nothing less than an deceitful lie leading drivers to additional financial loss.

The Ride-Hail Companies use of an incredibly abusive rating system causes drivers that have invested the time and effort to partner with these companies, to easily find themselves and their investment out of a job because some drunk, drug user, a competitor company, or person having a bad day gave the driver a bad rating.  The Ride-Hail Companies instead of explaining the rating system to riders so that they would understand that giving a driver a 4 star rating would actually get the driver fired, chose to allow riders to believe that a 3 star rating was good, while 5 was the best.

The Ride-Hail Companies intentionally flooded many of the major cities with more drivers than necessary causing most of the drivers to suffer a loss of income that further reduced the drivers from a decent job to a poverty level job over night. Cities that supported 1000 drivers were increased to more than twice the amount of drivers, leaving the question of if the Ride-Hail Companies were actually reducing the amount of auto traffic traveling our cities as they claim they were.

Nation-wide hard working drivers are being reduced to financial ruin by ongoing service fees being reduced, even when the drivers advise the Ride-Hail Companies that the rates are too low for the drivers to earn reasonable profit. The Ride-Hail Companies demonstrate no concern or support for the harm being caused and drivers are expected to just quit if they do not like the money given.

The Ride-Hail Companies tell the drivers that they do not need additional insurance while the media tells the drivers that their insurance is inadequate. The Ride-Hail Companies violating local laws and ordinance and instructing drivers to continue driving, making all of the drivers criminal conspirators to the Ride-Hail Companies crimes continues without any benefit to the drivers, and a Auto Purchase Program that takes advantage of the financially challenged drivers and minority drivers has left many drivers subjected to serious financial loss as the Ride-Hail Companies brought in Sub-Prime Lending finance companies the equivalent of loan sharks to support the drivers with lies of discounts and fair financing. The less than acceptable practices of the Ride-Hail Companies continues without an opportunity for the driver’s voices be heard are still continuing today.

While drivers all complain to anyone that will listen, nobody is willing or possibly does not know how to stand in defense of the drivers leaves the drivers the victims of Ride-Hail Companies that believe elimination of the costs of drivers will lead the way for autonomous cars for the future of transportation within our cities. They claim there will be approximately ten million jobs by moving to autonomous cars leading to the creation of a whole new shared economy. But, they fail to recognize the millions of families that will suffer through this change. Their goal is to remove the need for auto ownership in the future, regardless if the people want to ride in their computer navigated cars.

The need for unity of the driver’s voices is a necessity immediately, but little is able to be done as drivers are quickly talked away from such unity by others that are opposed to the drivers ever being heard. But, it is going to happen. Sooner or later the drivers will see the benefit of unification and defense of themselves against the oppressive employers that care not for their livelihood, or for the drivers and their families.

Ride-Hail  Companies had an opportunity to become national hero’s just by the creation of so many jobs until they reduced the jobs to poverty level positions without the means to profit or progress in.

Ride-Hail  drivers UNITE! Join us to act as a strong voice for the future. We need to have a voice in all the matters noted above. We need to stop the abuses noted above. We need to SOON BE A VERY STRONG VOICE as we move forward into the future. Join Us! Let us make a difference together!


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